Money transfer
Transfers between registered cards cheaper – only 0,5% + 2.5 UAH
Sender's card
Recipient's card
Phone number to clarify the status of the transfer
Transfer comment
To notify the recipient by: SMS
from 1.00 to 24999.00 UAH a transfer
Fee: 0.00 UAH
Total amount: 0.00 UAH
For security reasons of your billing information, enter the 6-digit verification code. You can find out verification code due to SMS-banking, card account statement or connect with Card Support of your bank.

How does it work?
Quick online transfers Card2Card
You can transfer money from any Ukrainian bank’s card to another Ukrainian bank’s card, enter card number, expiry date and CVV of payer’s card and card number of sender’s card. Maney transfers are possible between MasterCard and Visa.
Bank card number
Card expiry date (MM / YY)
CVV code on the back of the card

Alfa-Bank and EasyPay provides a service of Quick online transfers between Ukrainian banks’s cards of international payment systems Visa and MasterCard. 24/7 via Card2Card you could transfer money from your card knowing only receiver’s card number.

Money will be credited to the receiver on his payment card - there is no necessary to contact with the bank-recipient. The transfer term is long from 30 minutes to 3 days, directly it depends on the internal regulations of the bank-recipient. Practice shows that in most cases the money is credited instantly.

The fee for online translation is only 1% + 5 UAH and it is collected from the money’s sender. So, if you need to transfer 500 UAH, the amount of 510 UAH will be charged from your card. Receiver will get all transferred amount without additional fees!

Safety of transfers is guaranteed 3DSecure system, or if the bank-issuer of the sender doesn’t support technology, the transaction is confirmed by a one-time sms-password.