Credit to the Credit Kasa card Credit Kasa


  • Delivery in 15 minutes
  • Transfer to a card
  • Without unnecessary documents
CreditKasa is a reliable online loan service that helps citizens of Ukraine over the age of 18 quickly solve financial problems since 2017. CreditKasa became the winner of FinAwards 2023 in the nominations: "The best MFI in terms of quality of customer service"; "The best customer service". The legal name of the company is Ukr Credit Finance LLC. They hire those who are refused by banks. Certificates and guarantors are not required. All you need is a passport of a citizen of Ukraine and an identification number, a personal bank card of the borrower. The loan can be extended, thereby avoiding late payment and fines. Or vice versa - he will pay it ahead of schedule, while reducing the overpayment on the loan. The company cooperates with the Ukrainian Bureau of Credit History, which means that CreditKasa clients can improve their rating and in the future take out loans on more favorable terms. The company cares about the safety of personal data, so client data is reliably protected.