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Questions and answers
I forgot my password to access my account, what should I do?
To recover the password, use the function “Recover password”:
Can I delete an account in EasyPay?
You can delete an account in your account in the "Settings" section by selecting the "Delete" sub-item. Please note that the entire payment history, templates, regular payments, bonuses are not recoverable.
Where can I find the fee, that will be charged for service payment?
Commission for each service is individual and may vary depending on the amount to be paid. To view the fee, select the service of interest to you, enter the invoice number, amount and select the payment tool. Before clicking the "Pay" button, the commission will be indicated.
How to opt-out of marketing emails?
To opt-out, you must enter your personal account in the "Settings" tab. Select the item “Advanced” and remove the check mark from “EasyPay offers” and press the Save button.
What are the advantages compared to other payment systems?
EasyPay works with real money, not conventional electronic units or other virtual signs. EasyPay is a secure payment system for working with payment cards, which is confirmed by the results of an audit for compliance with information security standards PCI DSS. EasyPay works in accordance with the legislation of Ukraine.
What is CVV2/CVС2 code?
The CVC2 and CVV2 code is the 3-digit security code located on the back of your Visa / MasterCard (last three digits). For security purposes, the CVV2 code is entered using the on-screen keyboard.
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To receive a payment receipt, enter the transaction ID and payment amount.
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