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  • Autocivilka
  • Casco
  • Green Card
NASK "ORANTA" is a reliable and stable insurance company with active business and partnership relations, aimed at dynamic development and prompt satisfaction of clients' needs. NASK "ORANTA" offers a wide range of insurance products. The company is constantly working on increasing the number and quality of insurance services, striving to make them as profitable as possible for customers. This will allow customers to minimize their own risks, save their own funds and confidently plan their future. The presence of the company in most regions of Ukraine ensures the availability of insurance services and convenience of service to the clients of NASK "ORANTA". Nowadays, when life is full of events and can hide unexpected surprises, the most important thing is to feel confident and protected. Support is important for each of us. We understand that it is these feelings that give us the freedom that is essential for a fulfilling modern life, so that we can unhindered plan the future as we see it.